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Building high end seamless joint ecological chain

46 inch LCD Video Wall at the government of Hami, Xinjiang

ROHA display (ROHA) wireless seamless liquid crystal glass LCD Mosaic large screen, won the national LCD Mosaic patent technology, and its technology is the only use in China and the world at present. By special focus show (ROHA) wireless seamless low liquid crystal optical glass Mosaic in urumqi, The activities of Youth Center can be show through the big screen in real time on the LCD splicing wall of full display, a variety of ways, or a variety of signal at the same time, and formed a set of functional information display management control system with advanced technology. At the same time, the overall control of the splicing system on a large screen or images, data, content, operation, can be made of the location of a wireless tablet for any operation, to provide users with an interactive system, flexible to adapt to the continuous development of various data, image, film and television highlights, high-definition display needs.
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