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Building high end seamless joint ecological chain

55 inch LED in public security bureau of Qingan

ROHA display boundless seamless ● 0 mm seamless LCD splicing big screen have won the national invention patents,and the only one use this technology in the world at present. The project uses 9 55-inch ROHA 0 mm seamless LCD splicing screen, and ROHA integrated management platform. The party's video signals and television signals in real-time and completely display on the LCD splicing curtain wall in a variety of ways or a variety of signals at the same time Superimposed display, forming a complete set of functions, advanced technology information display management control system. Meanwhile, the overall control of splicing the big screen system or image, data, content display operations can be carried out by the wireless tablet any azimuth operation, to provide users with an interactive and flexible system to adapt to the continuous development of a variety of data, images, Movie highlight, high definition display needs.High-definition LCD screen (P0.63) + seamless splicing technology + screen non-destructive installation = Leroy seamless LCD splicing screen. ROHA try its best to promote using seamless LCD splicing technology in more industries. Let HD energy-saving LCD screen out of the living room, to a broader commercial display.
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