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55inch 1.7mm LCD Video Wall
55inch 1.7mm LCD Video Wall
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55inch 1.7mm LCD Video Wall

No matter in a range of sizes or in brightness levels, LCD video wall is available. And the broad selection of premium features can be offered by this LCD video wall. In order to meet your requirements, no matter which one you choose, your video wall will be produced purposefully. The range of sizes are: 46"; 55". And the range of bezel are: 1.7 mm; 3.5 mm; 5.3mm. Now Shenzhen Roha Digital Technology Co., Ltd. has been the leading supplier of the seamless LCD splicing screen in the world. 

Features of 55inch 1.7mm LCD Video Wall

● The design of ultra-narrow side( only 1.7 mm).
● Great viewing angle (horizontal 178 °, vertical 178 °) and excellent reliability.
● It is brightness uniformity, image stability, no flicker, no distortion and complete without curvature big screen.
● Dynamic visual effects that can truly restore color and vivid text images;
● Up to 80000h of extremely life and extremely low maintenance cost.
● You decide the number and way of splice units.
● With the graphics processor and matrix, it can support the 225 screen wall.
● Saving a large amount of space, good heat dissipation and adapting to various environment long work.
● Under the strict quality control system of ISO9001, every factory machine reaches the international advanced level, which conforms to the 3C standard.
● Simple interface & humanized operation.
● The start time is less than 5 seconds and the startup is fast.
● The unit is designed to be modular, easy to repair and board to replace.Modular structural expansion is also convenient.
● Integrated multiple video signal source input interface.

Parameters of55inch 1.7mm LCD Video Wall

Specification of 1.7mm
Manufacturer                                                              ROHA Display
Model No. RH-5501PD
Panel Original DID Panel
Resolution 1920*1080
Brightness 500cd/m²
Color 16.7M,8bit/color
4K Display Support
Contrast 4000:1
Reeponse Time 8ms
Display Area 100%
Working Life >8000h
Bezel 1.7mm
Connect Interface

Input Interface HDMI  ×2
DVI-D in ×1
DP in x 1
RJ45 x 1
VGA ×1
Output Interface DP out x 1
LVDS 36Pin
Power & Size
Power In 110-250V(50/60Hz
Power Rate 190W
Panel Size 1211.54mm*682.35mm
Display Size 1208mm*678.68mm
Weight 21kg
Working Environment
Temperature -15-85
Humidity 10-90%
Height 10000inch
Storage Environment
Temperature -15-85
Humidity 10-90%
Enviroment Specification
Temperature Working Temperature: -10 to 50
Storage Temperature: -30 to  60
Humidity Working Humidity: 20% to 85%
Storage Humidity: 0-95%
Working Altitude 0~3,000m
Working Life >7 years
Working Environment Indoor
55inch 1.7mm LCD Video Wall


LCD video wall displays now are increasingly becoming the "go-to" device for handing over data in charming and attractive visible appeal.

Today's presenting of LCD shows is as diverse as that of car model, each have their own specifications and can appeal to customers. As quit customers demand extra and more resolution, LCD show producers are heeding the call.

Specifications of Roha LCD Video Wall:

Available in inches: 46", 55" Inch
Full HD 1080P, HD Ready, LED Screen flat

As one of the most credible LCD Video Wall pan China, we promise that we will provide authentic products at most reasonable fee tags. We are specialists in imparting excellent deals to clients and our users. For the modern needs of each of our customer, we are all pleased to cater for it. If you want to purchase cost effective, power efficient, long-lasting, and environment-friendly LCD Screen display screen, please rely on us and stick to us and vicinity your order today. We are waiting for you sincerely.
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