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0mm Seamless Splicing Screen

With the arrival of the wave of information, embracing information is a trend for most companies. As the display terminal of the information system, the large-screen display products have become indispensable for the enterprise information construction. Recently, in order to complete the upgrading of information, the Guangzhou Times Real Estate Center office in Dongfeng Road, Yuexiu, Guangzhou, decided to update the terminal display system of the office building to meet the needs of the image display and corporate publicity of the office building. After many comparisons, Guangzhou Times Real Estate Center finally selected the 0mm seamless splicing screen from ROHA Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

In this project cooperation, ROHA Digital Technology Co., Ltd. engineers conducted a field visit to the user's installation environment, according to the actual application needs of customers, for its tailored a set of LCD splicing system solutions. In this project, Leroy Digital Technology Co., Ltd. uses 24 pcs RH-4601ND liquid crystal splicing screen to create a large, stunning LCD video wall in an 8 × 3 way.

The main function of the LCD splicing wall is to display information and promote enterprises. The large screen and high-definition display become the users' rigid demands. With 1920 × 1080 ultra-high resolution, 500cd/m2 ultra-high brightness and 3000:1 ultra-high contrast, RH-4601ND LCD splicing screen ensuring the bright and clear picture. At the same time, ultra-narrow splicing edge seams provide users with a more perfect visual experience; 178° viewing angles satisfy the user's viewing effects in different positions; the LCD screen is designed for display centers and supports 365-day non-stop operation throughout the year. Backlight life can reach more than 60,000 hours, LCD screen life is longer.

Due to a large number of companies stationed in office buildings, the information on the spliced walls is numerous and often needs to be replaced. The splicing screen of ROHA Digital Technology Co., Ltd. LCD  supports video, VGA and other signal input to meet the requirements of playing video, animation, pictures, text and other requirements, can help users manage information to display more easily and efficiently.
With the cost-effective LCD display products and mature construction experience, ROHA Digital Technology Co., Ltd. successfully completed the project. The high definition, the pure color display, the smooth screen playback effect, and the huge display wall give the audience a strong visual impact and contribute to the informatization construction of Guangzhou Times Real Estate Center. The center strongly praised. At the same time, our company also has a patented technology "PSL seamless LCD splicing screen", users need to upgrade the current 3.5mm patchwork screen to 0mm seamless splicing screen in the future, ROHA can provide further technical support.

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