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3.5mm Seamless LCD Splicing Screen Becomes The Narrowest One

Since 3.5 mm ultra-narrow splicing LCD splicing products entered the market, the product quickly became the target of many companies for its cutting-edge technology of the LCD splicing screen market.

As time goes to 2015, the product of smaller splice haves not been introduced, and the record of the narrowest splice of 3.5 mm has been maintained. Therefore, the 3.5 mm LCD splicing screen is also called seamless LCD splicing screen.

Today, almost all mainstream companies engaged in the manufacture of LCD splicing devices have already launched related products. After more than a year’s promotion, how about the market promotion of 3.5 mm LCD splicing screen? Has its application reached popularity?

The latest statistical analysis from AVC shows that with the launch of narrower splicing products for liquid crystal splicing screens in 2014, the advantages have increased significantly, with sales volume and sales amount reaching 228,000 units and 3.16 billion yuan respectively, an increase of 28.8 % and 1.5 % year-on-year.

The overall market for LCD splicing is currently in the phase of increasing the price and quantity. In the next three years, the overall market for tablet splicing will remain stable.

In the LCD splicing market, the product camp also began to differentiate. With the declining prices of 5.5 mm and 4.9 mm splicing products, sales volume has increased. They are gradually becoming dominant in the low-end market for their low price. Instead, the 3.5 mm splicing product has been strongly promoted to the high-end application market and has become the focus of manufacturers 'pursuit of profits. In addition, due to the threat of technology such as small-spaced LED screens, the development process of narrower splice has accelerated.

Since its launch in 2014, 3.5 mm splicing products have undergone more than a year of cultivation. ROHA has already had numerous application cases in many industries at home and abroad. Roughly estimated, there are more than 100 cases in China alone. Therefore, ROHA can be called a 3.5mm video wall factory and can produce the best 3.5mm LCD video wall.
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