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4K HD LCD Seamless Video Wall Becomes the Mainstream of Splicing Wall

With the development of science and technology, information becomes intelligent. With large-scale high-definition signal source, the large screen is entering the era of high-definition. Intelligent high-definition will become the mainstream of commercial display, video surveillance and display industry. Experts from Shenzhen Roha Digital Technology Co., Ltd. predict that in 2016, the entire large screen display will enter the era of high-definition. They also said, "in the big screen market, the splicing screen benefits from the high definition, high brightness, high contrast and high-quality display, especially with the 4K technology in the LCD panel. The splicing screen will inevitably become a mainstream of screen splicing."

"The so-called 4K technology is 3840 * 2160 ultra high definition resolution, standardized 4K (3840 horizontal pixels) can reach 4 times the resolution of high definition, and then cooperate with bright colors, super real sound, it can bring great enjoyment to the audience." Roha digital tells that the priority 4K of the transmission system is one of the most important trends in the industry, the multiple transmission devices of 4K almost become the product that every "signal processing" enterprise must have. But different from the signal transmission system, the large screen splicing market is displayed. The common plasma splicing and DLP back projection splicing are all faced with a certain bottleneck in the 4K technology. Only the latest LCD screen splicing market has achieved 4K products. In order to ensure its own professional position, the leading brand of commercial LCD video wall company Roha Digital is the first to launch 4K Super High Definition LCD Seamless Video Wall products in the domestic LCD splicing industry. According to experts, Roha Digital 4K seamless LCD video walls not only have the super HD display functions but also are able to integrate other functions in specific applications, which effectively improve the practical application value of the LCD splicing walls and have become a new bright spot in the LCD screen splicing market. As for the importance of the first 4K LCD screen to splice the large screen technology, the experts in China's large screen splicing industry believe that it will inevitably become a key force to change the distribution of the market of different display technology camps. "4K is the weakness of the" DLP "and the plasma, and the advantage of the LCD screen for the display terminal. Especially in the transmission and signal processing equipment manufacturers, keen to enhance the market added value through the 4K product background, 4K LCD screen, especially the Roha Digital 4K LCD panel splicing will be the most expected product in the future 4K field, and will be the key to the Roha Digital LCD screen splicing and prying the big screen market.
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