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Analysis of the difference between mainstream LCD splicing screen in the market

As far as the domestic market is concerned, the common LCD splicing screen brands include Samsung, LG, Sharp and Beijing-Dongfang made in China. However, among the numerous LCD splicing screen brands, Samsung and LG are the most popular ones. This is mainly attributed to the maturity and perfection of its technology, and its early start, with different signals and products. To the greatest extent to meet the actual needs of users. But what's the difference between Samsung and LG LCD splicing screens? The editor made the following summaries:

First, the differences in LCD panel:

At present, Samsung LCD splicing screen uses VA technology, that is, the user often said that the soft screen. LG LCD splicing screen uses IPS technology LCD panel, that is, hard screen. There is no difference in appearance between the two because the resolution is 1920*1080 and the angle is 178 degrees. There is no difference in its physical performance, the only difference is whether to add film on the surface of spliced screen (and the only essential difference at the same time). If the same signal source is played in the same environment and the display effect is obviously different, it must be caused by the different core configurations such as the level of LCD panel and IC drive performance. If the parameters of all aspects and the level of the use of accessories are the same, the display effect will not be significantly different.

Secondly, the size of LCD splicing screen and the difference between splicing seam:

At present, Samsung's LCD splicing screen size mainly includes 55 inches and 46 inches, while LG's is 55 inches and 49 inches. There are also some differences in the size of the joint. For the Samsung LCD splicing screen, the joint size is mainly 1.7mm, 3.5mm and 5.3mm. LG has only 3.5mm and 1.8mm. And some users do not know the situation, when choosing LCD splicing screen, they always say that they need Samsung 49 inch 1.8 mm splicing LCD splicing screen. However, there is no LCD splicing screen of this type on the market at all. If so, some manufacturers use LG LCD panel, but when quoting prices to users, the parameters are written as Samsung only. So before choosing LCD splicing screen, it is better to have some knowledge of it before choosing LCD splicing screen.

Third, the simplest way to distinguish LCD panel brands is to:

In addition, there is a simplest way to distinguish, that is, to gently scratch the surface of LCD splicing screen with your finger. If there are obvious water marks, it shows that Samsung actually produces liquid crystal panels. However, if there is no water mark after finger scratch, it means that it is a hard disk, which belongs to the liquid crystal panel produced by LG. But at present, there is no domestic quality testing institutions have "hard screen" and "soft screen" theory. Simply speaking, the hard screen and the soft screen are just because the LCD spliced panels are treated differently in the later stage, and they have no advantages or disadvantages at all. To be more precise, the hard screen just adds a layer of protective film to the LCD panel, while the LCD splicing screen with the film-added screen is not necessarily superior, and the LCD splicing screen without the film-added screen is not necessarily inferior.

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