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Application Scenes of Seamless Splicing Screen

With the development of science and technology and the progress of computer technology, as a service provider of seamless splicing LCD screen, we have to make some progress. Wet pursue more and more perfect clarity, resolution, high brightness and high contrast of the picture. For the needs of major cities and work, let us grow up quickly, create and satisfy the needs of users. With the changes of the times, all kinds of seamless splicing LCD screens have different advantages in different fields.

1. Various meetings
Conference presentation system with seamless splicing large screen can carry out work reports through transmission lines and multimedia equipment, transmit sound, images and document materials to each other, complete instant and interactive communication, and fully mobilize the visual, auditory and sensory activeness of participants. Through high-quality video conference, geographically dispersed parts can handle problems more quickly, which not only saves time and money, but also brings the feeling of face-to-face communication of traditional conference to each participant, greatly improving the conference effect.

2. Large shopping malls and supermarkets
In today's large shopping malls and supermarkets, various promotional activities for major commodities are launched in competition. Seamless splicing LCD screens with super-large and high-definition broadcasting features perfectly and vividly display the picture information of promotional commodities, and have a large visual point of view. No matter which region, space or point of view, they can attract the attention of consumers, so that consumers can obviously see the practical information such as the price and placement position of today's promotional commodities as soon as they enter the shopping malls. In this way shopping malls attract the attention of consumers, facilitate the purchase of consumers, improve the shopping experience, and further bring profits to the shopping malls.

3. Use in School Teaching
With the rapid development of computer network and visualization equipment, under the guidance of the state's general policy of promoting teaching modernization with information visualization, various colleges, universities, middle schools and primary schools are undergoing numerous construction and renovation. As the best equipment for large screen display, LCD splicing screens are widely used in campus conference rooms, academic report halls, lecture halls, multimedia classrooms, campus cultural wall and invigilation systems, etc.

4. Urban Security
Under the trend of smart cities and safe cities, security monitoring adapts to the trend and changes into intelligence. Seamless splicing LCD large screen can integrate command and scheduling, video conference, video monitoring, data interaction, security linkage, etc. to complete the connection with various transaction systems. Users only need to check the real-time images of all monitoring points in the monitoring room. Users can also conduct visual multi-level command and scheduling at different addresses through splicing LCD large screens, providing rich two-way real-time interaction of voice, video and data to commanders at all levels, and assisting commanders in making rapid decisions on planning, real-time scheduling and emergency disposal.

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