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Avoid A few Mistakes to Make Seamless LCD Video Wall Work Efficiently

Due to the low price and high performance-price ratio of seamless-lcd-video-wall, the market trend of seamless LCD video wall in recent years is flourishing. The intelligence of seamless liquid crystal splicing has become the trend of the market. The overall development trend of seamless LCD video wall splicing system is oriented to high resolution, high brightness, large screen and other aspects. This also brings a series of problems, for example, people don't know the product and don’t use it properly, which lead to a lot of people not understanding well about liquid crystal splicing screen or their understanding with blind area.

Whether the larger seamless liquid crystal splicing unit size, the greater power consumption or not?

In the field of liquid crystal splicing, large size, energy saving and environment friendly have become the hot trend. However, for many industry users, this has become a helplessness like " You can’t have your cake and eat it. ". Because a lot of people think that large size will bring great power consumption. In fact, it is not really.

Related studies show that there are little changes about the power consumption for the liquid crystal splicing unit with different size. For example, for the mainstream 46-inch, 50-inch and 60-inch liquid crystal splicing units on the market, the power consumption are roughly equal under same condition.

Strictly speaking, the power consumption of LCD video wall power consumption is determined by the number of the liquid crystal splicing unit. The more the number, the greater the power consumption of the screen body. Therefore, if the user needs large size screen, please reduce the numbers of splicing units by choosing units with large size, which will save more energy.

Whether the thinner seamless LCD video wall, the better or not?

With the continuous maturity of seamless liquid crystal splicing technology, seamless LCD video wall has become thinner and thinner. Under the industry manufacturers’ vigorously promoting, many industry users have known the advantage of thin and light products. For example, weight is reduced, screen body is more beautiful, more easily to install, and also to speed up the time accordingly.

Related studies have shown that when the thickness of the splice screen decreases by 20, its response speed will increase by 35 on the original basis. So, does this mean that the thinner the liquid crystal splice product, the better? Of course, the answer is no. Because product thinness can also bring certain negative effects, users must know something before purchasing. The thinner the product, the higher the demand for manufacturing process. If the manufacturing process is not standard, not only the color of the screen will become dark, its visual angle will become smaller, at the same time, the odds of bad points appear on the screen will also increase, while the yield of product is reduced.

So far, the industry also does not have a very perfect technology to solve the above problem. Therefore, to produce lightweight product, the manufacturer's production costs will be increased much. Accordingly, transfer to industry users, the cost will be greatly increased. High cost and much hidden trouble, which must be considered by users during purchasing ultra-light products. Of course, if the condition allows, it is best to select the big brand products with excellent quality and after-sales service.

Whether there is color difference for seamless LCD video wall or not?

As we all know, DLP video wall will appear color fade, that is the color difference, which will affect effect when using. According to this, some LCD splicing manufacturers pay attention to colorless difference in marketing. So, is it true that LCD video wall without color differences? In fact, the LCD video wall will appear color fade after using for a period of time, and the attenuation is irreversible. However, its decay doesn't happen very often, and according to this, many manufacturers have certain regulation means to effectively prolong the service life.

Whether seamless LCD video wall applications without temperature restrictions or not?

With the improving of market awareness degree, the application range of seamless LCD video wall has been broadened constantly. So, a lot of industry users think it is "universal". In fact, if you want to ensure seamless LCD video wall with effective application, ambient temperature is a factor that cannot be ignored. Generally speaking, the optimum operating temperature is between 0 to 40℃. Because thermotropic liquid crystal used in seamless LCD video wall is derived by the temperature changing. And the photoelectric effect is controlled by temperature. If the temperature is not in the range, it is to get rid of the electric field control and won't have the photoelectric effect, which will cause all sorts of problems. In practical application, if the ambient temperature conditions is relatively strict, users had better install air conditioning and set the temperature between 25℃ to 26℃ to ensure the LCD video wall is in the best working condition.

Whether seamless LCD video wall need to "rest" or not?

Related research shows that seamless LCD video wall working 96 hours continuously at full load will accelerate the aging speed, even burn out. Therefore, some pixels will overheat when seamless LCD video wall works for a long time. Once it is more than the limit, it will cause permanent damage. Therefore, if the user using LCD video wall for a long time, it is better to stop it for a while. If conditions don't allow, the user can try to change the screen display content at different time intervals, so that the screen body can be adjusted slightly when it is in standby status.
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