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Borderless LCD

Now there are many new trends in the design of the display, the ultra thin fuselage, and the variety of colors that make the consumer see the new weather in the display industry. As a new kind of lcd, borderless lcd is not really borderless or has no border, but many users do not understand the meaning of “borderless” or "no border". What are the benefits of such a product design? Should we spend more money on "borderless" lcd products?

It also shows that the borderless lcd does not really do not have a border, the so-called "no border" or "borderless" is just a clever way to combine the screen and the border together, when the screen is not lit, it is difficult to find the border, because the screen and the border are black, but when the screen is lit, you can still see the existence of the border.

It can be said that the "borderless" lcd is impossible, LCD display technology needs panel, backlight and drive three parts, and liquid crystal panel needs fixed place, backlight and drive can not expose to the outside, so there must be the existence of the border, actually can do no border display technology is really only projector, but the projection screen also has a border, because there is no borderless screen, users tend to be easy to distract, so even if there is borderless, the designer may not do it.

At present, the purchase of a borderless lcd is still very valuable, which not only makes the display more fashionable, but also makes the screen more wide in visual experience. The key is that the narrow border display is not expensive, and it is worth buying.
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