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Can LCD splicing screen produced many years ago be used together with LCD splicing screen now

Recently, many users asked again, "Can the LCD splicing screen bought a few years ago be used together with the LCD splicing screen now produced?" Why do users have such questions? This also has to start with the history of LCD splicing screen:

First is the discovery stage: liquid crystals (LCDs) were first discovered by Austrian botanists at the end of the 19th century. After decades of development, the first LCD screen was developed in the 1960s. Its first use was in 1973 by Sonbao Company of Japan, which applied it to the display screen of electronic calculators. In 1998, LCDs were successfully used in the field of desktop computer display.

Secondly, the development stage: before 2003, the LCD screens used in China were imported from abroad for a long period of time, and their prices were raised from the cost, which also led to the great limitations in the use of LCD screens in the field of security monitoring at that time.
However, many domestic LCD splicing screen manufacturers have developed LCD devices suitable for security field after improving the original display technology, which promotes the market and increases the market competitiveness at the same time. Each splicing screen manufacturer increases the output and reduces the manufacturing cost, which also reduces the market price of LCD splicing screen and enlarges the application field of LCD splicing wall. LCD splicing screen solves the shortcomings of traditional LCD monitor by virtue of its advantages of no flicker, no distortion, large visual area, light weight, strong anti-interference ability and simple installation.

The third is the stable stage: in 2006, Samsung improved the arrangement structure of liquid crystal molecules with its unique display technology, making it have the advantages of higher brightness, clarity, long service life, etc., and its advantages of stable operation and low maintenance cost are widely favored by the majority of users. And after 2009, the LCD screen has made breakthrough progress in seaming, from 20 mm at the beginning to 12 mm and now to 5.3 mm, 3.5 mm, 1.7 mm LCD splicing screen, etc. Some manufacturers even launched 0 mm LCD splicing screen.

Although from the above point of view, LCD splicing screen can be used together no matter when it is purchased, as long as the model is the same. In fact, in the past few years, users used 3.5mm and 5.3mm LCD splicing screen mostly, but now the most used LCD splicing screen is 3.5mm and 1.7mm. The LCD splicing screen with 5.3mm stitching has been discontinued because of market reasons. Users who used to use 5.3mm stitching LCD splicing screen may not find suitable LCD splicing screen as a replacement. And now the production of LCD splicing screen and several years of its production in terms of brightness is also very different. And there may be some differences in color between different batches of LCD splicing screen, so Shenzhen Prudential Display Technology Co., Ltd. in this proposal to my users, in the use of LCD splicing screen to do their usual maintenance work, to ensure that the normal use of a long time without failure. Also, when purchasing spliced screens, it is better to purchase one or two more in case of backups. Otherwise, if LCD spliced screens fail and can not find the same model, they can only be replaced completely, which will increase the cost a lot.

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