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Can Magnets do Harm to LCD Screen?

I'm confident that there will be no effect, thus I slid one of the magnets across the LCD screen. It proves that there is no effect. The screen as well as the calculator still works well.
LCD displays require small voltages at pixels. They can rearrange the liquid crystals so that the electrical polarization can get changed. Thus the magnetism is not important and will not do harm to the screen.

Magnets will not harm plasma screens as well. They only affect old CRT displays. Several years age, a CRT monitor was shown to me. It was in a mess caused by a surplus magnet left by a large war, which showed that it became useless. Later I got a small yet strong magnet. I moved it across the screen. But the screen still worked well.
There were degaussers in most CRT monitors of old computers and televisions, which could help make the magnetic fields neutral.
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