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Comparison and analysis of seamless LCD and traditional LCD splicing

Contrast of splicing gap

The change of seamless LCD is undoubtedly the greatest advantage of seamless LCD. It ranks first in the LCD splicing industry with the technical advantage of 1.5mm. It makes the 5.3mm, 5.5mm and 6.7mm seamless LCD retreat to the second line naturally. At the same time, it also leads the global seamless LCD into the era of truly seamless splicing. This technology specially deals with the black edge of LCD splicing and "specializes in disease" to achieve the narrowest splicing gap in the world at present.
At present, the seamless LCD 1.5mm is only equivalent to the thickness of one yuan coin, while the traditional 5.5mm LCD is as thick as four coins. The change from 4 to 1 is not only the change of numbers, but also the leap of splicing technology.

Comparison of imaging effects

In the aspect of picture quality display, seamless LCD stitching greatly improves the quality of stitching. It makes the stitching between LCD units seamless and natural. Compared with the splitting effect of traditional LCD stitching on picture display, the perfect stitching effect created by OPT technology can be applied to a variety of applications, such as video surveillance, precision graphics and text display, Conference system and finance. Data display, etc. Seamless splicing LCD brings the ultimate experience in display effect and vision, which makes the application environment with extremely high demand for large screen splicing improve a great step in data display and video accuracy, and effectively improve the work efficiency of institutions and enterprises.

Promotion of Market Structure

LCD splicing, DLP splicing and plasma splicing in the market have shown a tripartite situation in the process of fierce competition for many years. Although plasma splicing is prone to burn, color difference and market share is slightly reduced, due to its advantages in splicing, it has a good market share in the middle and low-end market industries. Traditional LCD has not completely replaced plasma. Market position, but since the emergence of seamless liquid crystal, large screen display market structure and will be rewritten.
At present, the minimum splicing of plasma splicing on the market is as high as 2mm, which is still dwarfed by seamless liquid crystal. The perfect improvement of splicing seam has been achieved. LCD splicing large screen products will have a huge impact on the traditional plasma splicing screen in imaging effect, screen resolution, splicing gap and access threshold. With the advantages of LCD splicing screen, such as light, low energy consumption and no radiation, OPT LCD will soon replace plasma products and become the market leader.

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