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Damage from Direct Sunlight to LCD TV Screen

Don't put your LCD (liquid crystal display) TV under direct sunlight. Don't use it outdoors to prevent it from strong sunlight. That's because the heat from sunlight is likely to cause damage to LCD screens. Besides, the ultraviolet rays can damage the chemicals in LCD and shorten its service life.


Special materials are used in LCDs. They can change their forms at the level of molecules with the application of the current. There is a panel at the front of LCD TV screen or monitor which consists of a large number of small dots of liquid crystal. A fluorescent panel at the back lit the whole screen. Each pixel consists of three dots of liquid crystal in a colored screen, and has one red, blue and green filter at each dot. According to the specific color needed, the dots of liquid crystal can be transparent or non-transparent.

Damage from Heat

If an LCD screen is exposed to direct sunlight, its temperature will rise. It is the same case with an LCD TV. If it is placed near a radiator or other things that emit heat, it will be affected. The plastic enclosure can be out of shape under heat. And the liquid crystal in the screen can not work then. Besides, other components are likely to go wrong under the effect of heat. 

Ultraviolet Light

There are strong UV rays in sunlight which can lead to sunburn. Liquid crystals are made up of long-chain organic molecules, which can be damaged by UV rays and are likely to go wrong. The small dots in the screen will not give response to the current as they do before. Then the light will not pass through as required. The damage is a long-term process. LCD TVs exposed to UV rays for a long time will be affected a lot in their definition, contrast and brightness. 

UV Protection

The glass of ordinary windows can protect your TV from UV light, as it can cut out the frequencies and reduce TV’s exposure to UV light. Though LCD TVs can withstand normal sunlight, it may still be affected if the screen is exposed to sunlight for a long time even if the temperature remains low.

Location of Your LCD TV

Your LCD TV should be installed in a place that can prevent TV from direct sunlight. Don’t put it in front of the windows or glass doors. Protect your TV from sunlight, radiators, heaters and open fires. Your TV screen is likely to be damaged by strong sunlight. The picture on the screen can be affected and it will be difficult to see the picture clearly.
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