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Development of Splicing Wall

The Chinese splicing wall market such as 4k splicing wall has been developed for more than ten years. The first player is the back projection splicing, the back projection splicing is erect with its large size seamless stitching technology and the cost advantage. During the period, the back projection technology is gradually transferred from CRT to DLP/Lcos technology; with the advent of the MPDP technology in 2005, the tablet is published. The display splicing such as 4k splicing wall has a place at last, but limited to the whole PDP industry's withering and relatively high cost, the size of the LCD display technology has not been greatly improved; while LCD display technology has occupied the dominant position in the retail field, but because its joint is larger than 10mm, its competitiveness in the joint market has been relatively weak, 6.7mm The third generation of DID LCD products on the market, no doubt announced that the big screen "seamless splicing" finally gathered the first, and is expected to create a joint market "big scene" in the competition.

After more than ten years of development, with the continuous decline in the overall cost, the continuous upgrading and improvement of technology and the continuous expansion of the application field, the large splicing wall market such as the 4k splicing wall has entered a rapid growth period. According to the data, the size of the Chinese market in 2008 is about 2 billion 510 million yuan. In 2009, although the economic environment has been affected by the economic environment, it is expected to still increase by 17%. Around the market, the size of the market will reach 2 billion 940 million yuan.

The growth of the market is mainly due to the country's large-scale investment in energy and transportation infrastructure, as well as the 2009 year National Games, the 10 year World Expo, the Asian Games and other big games. With the increasing value of the large screen mosaic system in many fields such as monitoring, command/dispatch, public display and so on, and the continuous improvement of national informatization, new industrialization construction and management application level, in the next 3~5 years, the large screen splicing market will continue to maintain a stable growth trend around 20~30%.

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