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Do you know the Advantages of Seamless LCD Splicing Screen?

Splicing screens, the most popular large-screen display device in the monitoring and display industry, are not only because of their ultra-high brightness and resolution. But because its splicing technology has made continuous breakthroughs in just a few years, from the initial 20-mm LCD splicing screen to the present 0mm LCD splicing screen, to a certain extent, it meets the needs of users at different levels. However, people all know that the LCD splicing screen is affected by the LCD technology itself, which makes it impossible for the 0mm LCD splicing screen to be really achieved on the market. As for the LCD seamless splicing screen currently on the market, only some additional technologies are adopted to make the seams invisible on the large screen after being assembled. For this reason, Shenzhen Baocheng Display Technology Co., Ltd. has summarized the principle and advantages of the LCD seamless splicing screen as follows:

The first is the technical advantage:

A. inherited all characteristics of LCD: high brightness, high contrast, high resolution, wide-area viewing angle of 178, 60,000-hour service life, 16.7M color, etc.
B. It has diversified installation methods: wall mounting, cabinet mounting, floor support mounting, etc., and can be installed with hydraulic front maintenance support.
C. No splicing seam can be seen on the LCD splicing wall that spliced and combined by the liquid crystal splicing units, making the large screen and the whole screen display truly realized.

Secondly, let's talk about the technical principle:

LCD seamless splicing screen is mainly based on the original liquid crystal splicing unit, and a specially developed LED luminous band with P<1.5 pixels is added on the left and the upper part of the screen. It adopts the world's leading intelligent technology of edge color restoration and adopts a lens with high transmittance to package, so that the image blocked by the black edge is displayed again through fusion with the original image. Thus, the LCD splicing large screen can truly realize seamless splicing and seamless display of pictures.

Of course, it doesn't mean that the appearance of LCD seamless splicing screen represents the elimination of 1.7-mm splicing LCD screen, but expands the application field of LCD splicing unit and the user group. Because one of the determinants of LCD panel price is the size of the seam and the more expensive the narrower the seam. Therefore, the appearance of the LCD 0mm splicing screen can only show that the application field has been expanded, and does not mean that other LCD splicing screens have been eliminated.

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