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Excellent Performance of the Video Wall

Full resolution of high-performance LCD video walls are offered by our company. Our sequence of 1.7mm lcd video wall systems can provide unparalleled brightness, precision, and visible performance. They create an immersive display platform for your content through offering ultra-narrow bezels and a thin-profile design. Through Developing for mission-critical operations, 1.7mm lcd video wall is very dependable and presents extreme longevity and value. This displays are reachable in a range of sizes and brightness levels and provide a broad resolution of top rate features. Whatever your choice, two ROHA video wall will be purpose-built to meet your necessities and built-in at your facility by using our professional set up team.

The key advantages of this 1.7mm lcd video wall are: it has ultra-narrow bezels, superior brightness, anti-reflective glass IPS LCD with lively backlighting, and it is very reliable.

ROHA LCD shows function a thin-profile format and a screen-to-screen bezel width of as little as 1.7mm. The appearance of “seams” on the video wall is minimized, and it can create an immersive visible experience. And it displays feature IPS LCD, a show science that can provide ideal shade reproduction and wider viewing angles than traditional TFT LCD. Images show up vibrant, shades are rich and nuanced, and content is genuinely visible on your displays, even to viewers placed at distances or intense angles. ROHA displays are built with energetic backlighting technology, which prompts the LED backlight to alter routinely to content displayed on the screen. This device produces a large colour spectrum and greater contrast ratios for a optimal viewing experience. ROHA video partitions are engineered for effortless serviceability. Our front-access push/pull mounting system approves any display to be pulled away from the video wall barring affecting adjacent displays.

Each ROHA display points three native video inputs. ROHA LCDs feature anti-reflective glass, which diminishes reflections and increases the brightness of the displays. We also offer an anti-glare option for functions the place the video wall will be exceptionally seen on-camera.
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