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How is LCD splicing screen made?

Because hardware fusion can deal with the black balance of fused image better, and software fusion can deal with the white balance of image better, the combination of software and hardware fusion technology can achieve the real reproduction of fused part of color image more perfectly. In terms of splicing effect, LCD splicing technology also experienced three stages: pure hardware fusion technology, pure software fusion technology and software and hardware fusion technology.
Hard edge stitching has obvious splitting lines (i.e. physical stitching), which can not achieve the integrated panoramic display. Overlapping mosaic refers to the overlapping of two projectors' projected images at the mosaic. However, this mosaic obviously has the disadvantage of overlapping areas due to the brightness overlapping, which affects the realization of seamless effect. Soft-edge fusion splicing not only achieves the complete fusion of both sides, but also eliminates the over-bright areas caused by overlapping splicing. Soft-edge fusion splicing can adapt to the splicing of various surface shapes, such as plane, cylinder, sphere and so on. It has more extensive applicability. Whether the technology of soft edge fusion and stitching is the mainstream technology at present is also the future development direction.

Soft edge merging and splicing system is a complex multi-screen splicing system engineering. It usually needs the following equipment to build a complete soft edge merging and splicing system:

1 LCD splicing screen:

Screen gives the audience the most intuitive visual impact, so the choice of LCD splicing screen is very important. First of all, ensure that the screen seam is narrow, in order to ensure the perfect display of the screen.

2 LCD splicing processor:

LCD splicing processor mainly determines the content and speed of large screen screen display. The quality of the processor plays an important role in the processing speed of signal source, the clarity of picture and the quality of soft edge fusion.

3 Signal Processing Equipment:

Signal processing equipment, including signal source type conversion, signal switching, signal amplification and transmission, is very important for large screen display.

4. Centralized control equipment:

There are many kinds of devices in large screen stitching wall display system. The number of LCD stitching screen, matrix and signal source are more. Central control equipment can help you to select and switch signals quickly, control the operation process of equipment conveniently and quickly, and improve work efficiency and accuracy quickly.

5 peripheral equipment:

Peripheral equipment includes signal source desktop access system, cable, connector, cabinet, power supply and so on.


The joining of many manufacturers has set off a tide of LCD splicing in the large screen splicing market, especially the involvement of many large international manufacturers, which has injected a fresh blood into the LCD splicing market, but this will certainly make the competition in the whole market more intense.

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