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How much influence does the LCD have on color?

The color of LCD is very important for our daily work, games and so on. The fabrication process of poor panel has some problems, such as poor color restoration, insufficient bright color, blurred image quality, inadequate font sharpness, biased color and eye-piercing. Why is there such a difference? The following editor will lead you to understand the process of LCD.

TN panel

With the progress of technology, most of the TN panels we see now are improved TN + film. Film is a compensation film, which is used to compensate for the lack of visual angle of TN panel. The improved TN panel's visual angle is said to be 160 degrees, which is very different from the professional wide-angle display. However, in terms of color, the attributes of TN panel determine that its display number is mostly 6 bits, and the display color is about 260,000 colors, which is only 8 bits, or about 2% of 16.7 million colors. The problem directly exposed is that the color is thin and the transition is not natural.
The characteristic of TN panel is that the liquid crystal molecule has a fast deflection speed, so it is easy to improve the response time. TN panel belongs to soft screen, and similar water marks will appear when you gently scratch it with your hands.
Advantages of TN panel: Because of the small number of gray class output, the fast deflection speed of liquid crystal molecules and the easy improvement of response time, the TN panel is basically used in liquid crystal products below 6ms on the market at present.
The disadvantages of TN panel: thin color, poor restoring ability and unnatural transition. TN panel based on the above panel characteristics is only suitable for office use!

VA panel

The VA panel belongs to the wide view panel. Compared with the TN panel, its 8 bit panel can provide 16.7 million colors and large viewing angles. There are not too many introductions about technical subdivision here.
Disadvantages of VA panel: high power consumption, slow response time, general uniformity of panel, slightly worse visual angle than IPS. Low-end products using this panel display poor screen display, font sharpness is not enough, color restoration is not enough! This kind of high-end panel products are only suitable for office users or users with low color requirements!

IPS panel

IPS panel is also a wide-view panel, with large visual angle, accurate color restoration and faster response than VA panel.
Advantages of IPS panel: large visual angle, fast response (compared with VA panel display), accurate color restoration. Compared with other types of panels, the screen of IPS panels is more "hard", and it is not easy to appear water pattern deformation with a gentle stroke of the hand, so it is also called "hard screen".
The main components of IPS are E-IPS, S-IPS, H-IPS and P-IPS. In fact, about 1000 yuan is used for the worst E-IPS, but in fact almost the same. It can be simply understood that the price of P-IPS > H-IPS > S-IPS > E-IPS and H-IPS belongs to high-end products is relatively expensive, while S-IPS performs well in all aspects and the price is relatively moderate. So this kind of panel is suitable for entertainment, office, games, design and other fields of scenario applications! IPS panel is the mainstream panel product at present.

PLS panel

PLS panel is a wide-angle material promoted by Samsung. Because it is also a "hard screen" in nature, the cost is high. At present, it has not been fully developed and popularized!

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