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How the Optical Seamless LCD Walls Become the Most Advanced Digital Image Display Tool

Seamless LCD wall in the recent security industry is a very hot terminal display equipment, then how to choose the screen of the seamless walls? Shenzhen Roha will explain to you. The large size splicing unit of seamless splicing screen is big enough for the area of the single body. The same area and large screen can reduce the number of splicing units, reduce the sense of the interval of the screen, and of course, the large size splicing unit cost of the large screen is also relatively high. The small size splicing unit requires more units for the same area so the cost is relatively low. If the large size is good, the small size will be economical, and they will be mutually complementary, which will form a good complement in the market.


So, which size should we choose in the end? According to Shenzhen Roha's analysis of the big screen market data, the 46-inch seamless splicing screen is the most mainstream big screen splicing product on the market. Its share in the whole screen splicing market is up to 67%, 40 inches and 42 inches PDP stitching to 30%, while the market of 55 inches LED backlight seamless splicing and 60 inches seamless splicing the large screen is developed. (specially stated that this article does not make purchase comments, users should purchase based on their actual situation).
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