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How to Develop LCD Video Wall into Seamless LCD Video Wall

How to develop LCD video wall into seamless, ultra-thin, dexterous and charm screen? LCD splicing technology is the rising star in the large screen market. With the wide application field, there are different product requirements for different applications. And there is more obvious differentiation in the further differentiation application field. So, how to develop the LCD video wall? HD, intelligent and networking are the development mainstream of the display equipment. Nowadays, there are much stricter requirement for the video wall image quality, size, brightness and installation & operation in the project engineering applications. More intuitive and more clear monitoring effect is necessary for the application, so the seamless LCD video wall becomes the development mainstream. ROHA summarized the development trend of LCD video wall in recent years.

1. Seamless. In recent years, along with the progress of the splicing technology, LCD video wall splicing has substantive breakthrough unceasingly. At present, seamless LCD splicing can be controlled in the industry with the lowest 3.5 mm, fully guarantee the integrity of the image.

2. Large size. It is mainly the size of a single screen will be a breakthrough. This large size can reduce the stitching unit, reduce the "cutting" of the whole image by the stitching, and improve the overall sense of the image, which is bound to be a development trend in the future.


3. Modular and intelligent. Ultra-thin and light splicing display devices have strong advantages in installation and application, making installation and operation more convenient. However, as a special large-screen display device, its installation and debugging are quite tedious and important. In order to realize the functions of the system in daily applications, other devices are often required, such as matrix, allocators, connection wires. Therefore, there are enterprises have used advanced modular structure design such as built-in high-performance splicing processing module, and other unique technology such as built-in digital matrix, which makes the installation, management of the splicing display system is very convenient. In order to facilitate the operation and management of the system, video wall products are bound to integrate more intelligent design into the technology.

4. Digital HD and networked, high-definition monitor era. If the system terminal display devices cannot achieve HD, digital and networked, it will be in vain even achieving seamless and large size. Therefore, the HD digital and networked of the video wall has become the most important competition among display equipment manufacturers.
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