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Identify LCD

Features of Identify LCD

With regard to the sub-prime LCD screen and the false and true LCD TV screen, it has become the biggest problem that troubles consumers to buy LCD TV. So, are there some simple ways to identify the good or bad of the LCD screen?

First of all, look for the bad points of LCD. The bad point is that the LCD screen can not display some small points of the image. The less bad points, the better the quality of the display screen, and vice versa, the worse the quality. Keep the contrast and brightness of the TV set to a minimum. If there are bright spots on the screen, it shows that there are bad spots on the display screen. Generally, the number of bad spots is less than 3, indicating that the product is qualified. If more than 3 points show that there are problems in the quality.

Secondly, the reaction rate of LCD was observed. LCD TV has the problem of slow reaction speed. When viewing, there will be picture tailing and lagging. Now the reaction speed of good display screen has been greatly improved. These phenomena have been basically eliminated. It is better to play video discs for observation and select products with fast reaction speed when choosing and purchasing.

Thirdly, choose the visual angle. Compared with other TV sets, LCD TV has smaller visual angle, so it can't watch from a certain angle. Choose products with larger visual angle as far as possible, and move gradually from the front of TV to both sides until the picture can't be seen normally. The bigger the angle that can be offset, the bigger the visual angle is.

Finally, test the brightness. Now the update of technology has greatly improved the brightness of LCD TV. When choosing and purchasing LCD TV, the brightness test should be carried out. The higher the brightness, the better the quality of the display screen.

Parameters ofIdentify LCD

Identify LCD


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