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In The Term of The Lcd Screen, 55 Inches and 52 Inches, Who Is The Mainstream Market?

With larger size and the same price, 55-inch lcd screens and 52-inch lcd screens are competing fiercely, which triggers a fierce war of words between different manufacturers. 55 inches and 52 inches, which can become the mainstream of the market? There are still disputes in the industry. However, some experts pointed out that behind the saliva war is the interests of different manufacturers. Although 52-inch TV is developing better than 55-inch TV at present, the effect of the future market of both depends on the level of upstream panel cutting.

The 55 inch lcd screen is more cost-effective

From the situation of the current market sales, 55 inch large size liquid crystal is more competitive in the market. The 55-inch lcd TV will become the mainstream because of its higher cost performance. The glass usage of 55-inch panels is 93%, and 55-inch panels are more efficient than 52-inch panels, and because 55-inch panels are 3 inches larger than 52-inch panels, 55-inch panels are more cost-effective at similar prices.

For the immaturity of 55 inch lcd screen technology, supporters believe that the world's first 55 inch lcd screen TVs was launched in 2004. After more than four years of technical precipitation, the technology has matured. Especially since the second half of last year, in China, a large number of 55 inch lcd screen TVs have been launched, which also indicates that 55 inch lcd screens will soon enter the market population period.

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