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Introduction of Seamless Screen

At present, there are two factions in the development of seamless splicing screens in the market: one is the optical seamless splicing screen based on principle of optical refraction, and the other is the electronic seamless splicing screen based on principle of electronic pixel compensation.

1. What is an optical seamless screen

Optical seamless splicing means that seamless can be realized when there is light, and no external electrical components need to be applied. Junior high school physics has shown that light refracts through glass. Vican found that the black edge splicing that has plagued the entire industry can be solved by the principle of refraction. We use PMMA, an excellent polymer and highly transparent material, to make the optical glass cover the surface of the LCD splicing screen. The four corners are beveled to make the glass fit more tightly. At the same time, the surface adopts a design of pure plane, which not only keeps the beauty but also prevents the serious reflection of the glass.

2. What is Electronic Seamless Screen

Electronic seamless splicing refers to the elimination of black borders by electronic components. Simply speaking, we adopt an intelligent color restoration technology. A group of non-particle LED light emitting devices are installed between two screens with pixel pitch less than 1.5 mm. After lighting, the entire LCD screen is seamless no matter from which corner it is viewed and there will be no black lines to divide the picture. Seamless splicing is completely realized after the screens are installed.

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