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Introduction Of The Parameters Of The 46-inch Seamless LCD Splicing Screen

  • The size of the 46-inch seamless LCD splicing screen is 1215.3 mm x 686.1 mm, and the thickness is 93 mm.
  • The 46-inch seamless LCD TV will not "lose" the monitoring signal on the "black box" and achieve "full display of monitoring information."
  • The 46-inch seamless LCD splicing screen system supports 2 4K ultra-high resolution images as the bottom of the display. It supports 1024 2K images in full HD window display, allowing the window to roam, drag, zoom, and segment freely. It also supports 4 layers of window per screen superposition (including the bottom chart). The system is equipped with a graphics processor, providing ultra-high clear image modules, high-clear coding and decoding modules, and multi-format and multi-type image information hardware access modules to support seamless real-time switching functions. According to the requirement, the system can configure streaming media server and support the third party monitoring and command center application platform.
  • The 46-inch seamless LCD splicing screen system adopts 10-bit grayscale image, reaching 1024 grayscale, 1060 million colors (106 million colors), 45:1 contrast, full HD (1920 x 1080), hard and anti-dazzle LCD.
  • The backlight of the 46-inch seamless LCD splicing screen adopts LED "dynamic position response" technology (dynamic backlight responses with the change of brightness and darkness of the image area). Compared with "static backlight", the contrast and the grayscale of the LCD screen are significantly improved, which is more energy-saving, and the service life is greatly extended.
  • There is no obvious edge dark area around the LCD screen, which will not cause the phenomenon of "bulb cover"  that the middle is bright while the sides are dark. The average brightness of the LCD screen is 500cd/m2, which is suitable to use during the day when no curtain on both sides of windows is closed. It can also be used at night with more energy conservation, environmental protection, and longevity. It can also protect your eyesight.
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