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LCD is the Same as LED TV

LCD refers to one type of panel, which produces colors but not light. All the pixels are located there. 

LED refers to the back-light behind the panel. LCD's picture can not be seen without a back-light.

Fluorescent back-lights were used in LCD before the appearance of LED back-lights. When the picture was dark, a “purple-y” screen was usually produced owing to those uneven back-lights.

Several years ago, they began to use LED back-lights instead of fluorescent back-lights in LCD screens, and began to market these (STILL LCD) screens as “LED” TV’s.
OLED belongs to one type of technology completely different from others, which is very expensive now.

In an OLED screen, each pixel can produce its light, thus an LED or fluorescent back-light is not necessary. It is rather expensive currently. Each color ages at a different speed. There are many cases of failure during the process of producing panels.

A large number of phones with OLED screens appear in the market. It is easier to produce smaller OLED screens, and the loss will be less if the screen is refused owing to its existing flaws.

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