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LCD slicing screen

LCD splicing screen has the advantages of light fuselage, bright screen display, low power consumption, low calorific value and super long display life. It has the functions of high picture quality color resolution, intelligent brightness adjustment, color saturation, automatic temperature control and other functions. At the same time, it has the properties of non-radiation, dust-proof, moisture-proof and earthquake-resistant. It is widely used in security, medical, digital display and other fields. It can display multiple pictures at the same time, and can open the window freely. The size of the window can be adjusted freely, the position can be moved at any time, and the signal source can be switched at any time. LCD splicing screen is a very flexible display scheme.

Powerful technical parameters are reflected in the panel video screen display, which is bright and delicate color display and high quality video dynamic picture. Whether it is used in the daily police dispatch of the monitoring and command center of the Public Security Bureau or in the daily monitoring of the monitoring platform, it is very handy. At the same time, it has been widely used in military, transportation, education, monitoring and other fields.
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