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LCD Splicing Screen - Seven Sins

With the widespread use of LCD splicing large screens in different industries, it has also spawned a lot of speculative molecules to focus on this cake. They used the following different means and methods of supply to customers, resulting in many customers can not recover the balance due, or in serious cases can not project acceptance!

1. Passed the low light off as high light;

This is the introduction of the concept of large-screen LCD splicing, one of the earliest deception tactics. LCD splicing is generally divided into two types: high brightness and low brightness, and the price difference between the two is extremely large. With the current understanding of the smallest price difference at 3.5k, such a large interest temptation, led to many manufacturers began to pass the low light product off as high light, gaining unexpected profit margins.

2. Passed the wide bezel off as narrow bezel;

As mentioned in the article, from 22mm, 6.7mm, 5.5mm, 4.7mm, 3.5mm, 1.8mm, 1.7mm, LCD splicing continuous innovation, continuous improvement process. Of course, the price system is also upgraded , and we will not elaborate on the price difference in the middle. In the most accurate statement, risks and interests coexist. There is enough profit margin to attract, so they take risks.

3. Passed AUO's and BOE's product off as LG's and Samsung's product;

When describing this problem, I did not mean to lower the value of AUO and BOE. I just want to express: different manufacturers, different production processes, the stability of his products, the process of products, the customer acceptance of products are different. Samsung and LG's traditional LCD panel manufacturers have enough reserves to improve the performance of their products and not to innovate. Therefore, in terms of price, technology, after-sales, etc., Samsung and LG will be higher than some of them. The difference in profit in the middle is the fatness that many manufacturers are eyeing.

4. Passed glass assembly screen off as original module screen;

First of all, let's talk about the gap between the two productions: LCD splicing large screen is suitable for industrial applications since the beginning of positioning, all upstream manufacturers are shipped with original modules, the original module refers to the original package (Glass, light guides, light bars and other original packaging factory); glass assembly is to buy liquid crystal glass from the upstream manufacturers back, in the domestic procurement of other accessories: such as light bars, light guides, etc. for assembly. The price difference between them is huge, and relatively speaking, the quality, stability, and color difference of glass assembly are worthy of consideration.

5. Passed naked screen off as complete machine;

This is a new level of scam that started 2013. It is new in the entertainment field: bars, ktv, etc. These environments are places where you might change places after a few days. Their demand for the product is that they can be displayed, so the new naked display mode is created. The biggest drawback of this method is that it will lead to a 30% increase in the after-sales probability. So in 2014, many bidding documents on the project began to specify the use of frames and edging to replace the whole machine, including Jiangsu, Beijing, Chongqing and other places. In fact, naked fight is a real zero-cost supply for manufacturers, the real profit is still manufacturers.

6. Retrofitting old machines;

The bare-bones mentioned above, the places involved have closed down, How to deal with the big screen that has just been hung up? Low-cost recycling! Recycled and put on a shell, cover up the traces of the installation and sell it to the next person. Even if the current market cost price, the manufacturer is also full of pots, and the poor ones are the contractors of Party A who think they find the cheapest. I thought I earned it. In fact, it was a bunch of second-hand goods that I got.

7. Passed homemade assembly goods off as a splice screen

This is the most recent two years, especially in cinemas, KTV and bars. Now the market is most assembled 8 mm and assembled 3.5 mm. Many engineering companies still don't know the existence of this kind of screen, so they always ask: "The people are also 3.5MM, and the people are also the whole machine, so big difference?" The same reason can be proved, will you choose fresh foods or reheating food ?
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