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LCD splicing screen

LCD splicing screen has the advantages of light fuselage, bright screen display, low power consumption, low calorific value and long display life. It has the functions of high picture quality color resolution, intelligent brightness adjustment, color saturation, automatic temperature control and other functions. At the same time, it has the properties of non-radiation, dust-proof, moisture-proof and anti-seismic. It can select different views according to the user's requirements for input signals. Frequency processing system realizes the switching of various signals, splicing into full-screen display, arbitrary combination display, image stretching display, image roaming display, image superposition display and so on. In addition, multiple input and output interfaces ensure greater compatibility and flexibility of LCD splicing screen functions and meet the different needs of different conference content. LCD mosaic video wall can provide real-time image information and alarm information for command and decision-making through monitoring video, computer docking, Internet data stream, video conference and so on. By means of high-tech security management means, the effect of security management can be strengthened, the police can be strengthened by science and technology, and the goal of security management can be achieved.

In order to improve the construction of the public security system, the public security department has introduced LCD splicing screen, and invested in the information construction of the public security system. The project uses LCD mosaic large screen, integrated equipment of picture and text editing, animation projection, audio and video, to create a good meeting atmosphere, to achieve efficient communication and interaction, to improve the efficiency of the meeting, to realize the informatization and automation of the conference room.

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