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Lifetime of LCD

1. Lifetime of LCD

Few people care about the lifetime of LCD, because at present, a qualified LCD has almost no life problem. Many consumers are still using 19-inch or even 17-inch displays. These products were even produced in 2005, but there is no problem in using them, so if it is not for display effect. Upgrading, only a small number of users buy new products because the display is broken, so the life of LCD has attracted much attention.
However, although each component is relatively strong and durable, in fact, with the use of LCD for a long time, there will be some changes, these changes are not so easy to detect, but there are still potential threats and hazards. Recently, China Electronics and Video Industry Association issued the Regulations on the Safe Life of Flat Panel Television in Beijing, which has been implemented since the date of publication. According to the Regulations, the safe service life of flat panel TV sets is 7 years. We all know that the LCD TV is basically the same as the display, so this gives a certain reference to the life of the display.

2.7-year service life needs attention

So if LCD is used for more than seven years, what harm will it do? It can be said that it can be divided into two aspects, the first is the damage to the eyes, and the second is the hidden danger of safety. First, let's look at the damage to the eyes. We all know that the LED backlight used in LCD has some eye-injuring elements. After a long time of use, the brightness of the LED backlight will be reduced. With the change of the film group, the brightness uniformity of the screen will change greatly. This change is slow and difficult to detect, but the pressure on the eyes is great, so for users who use monitors for a long time, especially to eliminate old products.
The hidden danger of safety is that LCD, switches, connectors, patch components and so on are all vulnerable components. They all have service life and safe service life. After exceeding the safe service life, the insulation, stability and reliability of these vulnerable components will decline, which may lead to fire, combustion, burst and other unsafe hidden dangers. Of course, this situation is not the case. Not necessarily, but once it happens, the damage to property is still very big, so we should pay more attention to the display products that are too old.

Summary of the full text:

The life of LCD is often neglected by people. Many people think that as long as the display has a picture, it can be used normally all the time. In fact, this is not the case. This time, the China Electronic Video Industry Association issued the Regulation on the Safe Life of Flat Panel Television in Beijing, which also addresses the problem, although it is aimed at LCD TV. But it also has a certain guiding significance for the display. The product that lasts too long will hurt the eyes and also has potential safety hazards. Friends who use this product must pay attention to it.

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