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Present Situation and Prospect of Splicing Wall

Current technology and status of 4k splicing wall

The overall status of the splicing wall system, such as 4k splicing wall is to pursue ultra high resolution, high brightness, and modularized structural design and advanced installation technology. The size of the single screen is becoming larger and larger to meet the needs of various users. Affected by this effect, the brightness and uniformity of the display are also improving.

LCD splicing wall such as 4k splicing wall is gradually recognized by some users in the information display application field, and has a certain market impact on DLP splicing wall in this field. At present, LCD splicing and DLP splicing are the two most common applications of the large screen display system at present. The cost of the LCD splicing system is low and the system enlargement can be realized simply, but the splicing can not be eliminated; the splicing of DLP can completely eliminate the stitching. The competitiveness of differentiated products is complementary to the expanding splicing wall market. However, DLP splicing technology is still a mainstream technology in the future.

With the continuous expansion of various types of information and the continuous improvement of the complexity of the system, users of the industry need to establish a large screen display system that can integrate multichannel signals. System integration highlights the concept of application, and professional solutions for industry users become a direction of the development of large screen mosaic display system in 2009.

Prospects for development of 4k splicing wall

From the current industrial chain preparation situation, its development has entered the fast lane. The current large screen splicing display wall market is developing very well. There are many domestic and foreign manufacturers competing in the market. The technical schools are also a hundred flowers bloom, 3LCD (MD), LCoS (new type of reflective technology), DLP (digital optical transmission processor) and PDP (plasma), FPD (plasma), LCD and BSV-LED backlight splicing wall Both have their own unique technology to occupy the target market, but LED display occupies the outdoor advantage, and MD projection occupies the indoor advantage. From the perspective of market prospect, the application market of splicing wall is still dominated by professional market.
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