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Professional Knowledge of LCD Splicing Technology

Manufacturers who develop and produce LCD splicing screens all know that the production process of industrial-grade LCD screens is much more complex than that of general display equipment. Even if with the same level of the panel, the production requirements for LCD splicing screens should be stricter. Although many security monitoring companies are now using LCD splicing screens, their understanding of LCD splicing screens and industrial display equipment is very superficial. In fact, at present, many LCD splicing engineers do not conform to the specifications in construction and selection, even if they choose foreign brands. Many large-screen display projects do not give full play to the advantages of LCD splicing screen, and do not achieve high-definition effect with minimum splicing seam. From a microscopic point of view, more companies only know about installation and lack the necessary knowledge. Today, LCD splicing screens manufacturers will introduce some professional knowledge for all of you.

1. Advantages of LCD splicing screens compared with that of other computer monitors

The LCD splicing screen adopts a A-class LCD panel whose high reliability ensures quality display. The LCD panel undoubtedly plays the most important role in large screens, accounting for about 70 % of the cost. However, the selection of a A-class panel for general displays will lead to a rise in production cost. At present, LCD panels are divided into A+, A-, B+, B-, and B+ panels is good enough for computer monitors, but the application environment of LCD splicing screens also determines the higher requirements of LCD panels.

2. Design of ultra-narrow border for LCD splicing screen
The LCD splicing screen has no border, with two slim sides and flat cable that is less than 1mm, which is obviously superior to BSV of general display equipment. It is bound to set off an upsurge of LCD seamless splicing in the monitoring field, which will form a " blowout effect" of market demand.

3. High resolution of LCD splicing screen supports point-to-point display.
The main focus of " other machines" is on the chip for signal input processing. Although the parameters shown can reach 1080P, they are not full HD HDCP display, and their LCD is not a point-to-point display panel consisting of 1920 pixels horizontally and 1080 pixels vertically.

4. The LCD splicing screen adopts high-quality electronic components (IC, capacitor, inductor, etc.)
A strict component selection system and a perfect production line are required for the high quality of LCD splicing screen products. The products of each production line have passed strict baking machines and tests. The purchase time of panels for " other machines" is very short, and the panels are assembled and leave the factory at will. Because " other machines" do not have products in stock, they are assembled, processed and installed for customers only when they are delivered, usually in a very short time period. The quality of IC, capacitor and inductor directly affects the service life and safety of the display.

5. LCD splicing screen has unique technology of DNIEPro color and complementary signal enhancement.
For liquid crystal displays, the control IC with accurate control of restored color can make the display effect of the LCD perfect. Its control IC can screen the best 1 billion colors from about 68.6 billion colors, which is more accurate in the restored color of objects. The signal motherboard of general display simply decodes the signal and displays it directly without IC processing.

6. The LCD splicing screen has dynamic enhanced signals to ensure the color of black and white and dynamic dragging phenomenon
The design and selection of IC chips and control circuits for displays are also extremely important. First - line factories have their own panel production lines. They can design and develop control circuits from the most professional point of view. From materials to workmanship, these all ensure that large-screen displays can work stably for a long time. At the same time, various input signals are strengthened to ensure the effectiveness of gray scales.

7. The LCD splicing screen adopts advanced power supply--DPMS
DPMS management system makes the power supply and signal board work best to protect the LCD panel while reducing power consumption. In the " lamp driving circuit" of the display, the high voltage bar is connected to the lamp inside the panel to light it and control its brightness. Therefore, the brightness of the display is mainly related to the number of tubes placed in the panel, and the more the number, the higher the brightness. For " other machines", the CCFL lamps in the panel are all driven to light up, which makes the display work with high brightness for a long time and heat for a long term, thus seriously damaging the service life of the panel. The reason why the LCD splicing screen is called a low-heat panel is not that it is on the LCD panel, but that the main board is driven to use the chip to light up the CCFL lamps in the panel automatically and variably.

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