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Building high end seamless joint ecological chain

ROHA IN ICEE —— Starting from Iran, embarking on a journey that blends seamlessly with the world

Oil is its blood, and the headscarf is its belief.


Under the mysterious ancient culture, today it has some new labels.

Eurasian Land Bridge, East and West Air Corridor, the second largest economy in the Middle East and North Africa...

In Iran, unveil the veil of seamless in the world

The Iranian International Consumer Electronics Show that we came to this time is the largest and most influential electronic consumer exhibition in Iran. This exhibition is the most professional and largest communication industry exhibition in the Middle East. It has developed into an industry after years of development. The first exhibition in the Middle East.

Every year, exhibitors, engineers and designers from all over the world gather here to discuss the most advanced technology and cooperation opportunities.


"0.07mm seamless splicing LCD screen" and "1.7mm Ultra Narrow LCD splicing screen" is this the two protagonists.

The size of the seam is not only in the leading position in the country, but also in the international arena. The size of the seams with absolute lead and the display of ultra-high definition add color to China's intellectual creation.


Chinese security companies overall strength increased year by year, Leroy is also actively exploring more opportunities for cooperation with other countries and business users.

Foreign trade is one of our development focus this year. After laying a solid foundation in the domestic market, going out is an important step in the company's diversified development.

This exhibition of Iran's Leroy showcases the first stop of foreign participation. It is a test of the direction of overseas development, laying the foundation for the next layout and building more possibilities.

Through the sound development of multi-national economic and trade, we will participate in many foreign exhibitions this year and expand business opportunities on a broad communication platform.



Smile is the universal language of the world, technology and products are the common focus of the scientific community.

Overseas business has been rolled out, and ROHA will continue to make great efforts to build a new totem for China's quality products.

See you next station.
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