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ROHA Seamless 46-inch LCD Splicing Screen, Opening The Era Of Seamless LCD

ROHA has recently launched the world's leading seamless 46-inch LCD panel series, breaking through the traditional "splicing" (0 splicing) problems and having six "high" end advantages.

  • High precision, can still work at constant current 0.5ma;
  • High grayscale, real 20bit image bit, linear grayscale adjustment, and low current ultra HD display;
  • High refresh, 32 scans 2400hz,16 scans 4800hz, 8 scans 9600hz, 4 scans 19200hz, OE ungraded partition, easy high refresh, programmable shadow elimination, and complete ghost elimination.
  • High image frame, 120hz image frame working mode, automatic frame synchronization, more perfect display;
  • High reliability, anti-static 6kv;
  • High energy saving, up to 66% energy saving efficiency, extremely low power consumption, and real energy saving screen.

ROHA seamless 46-inch LCD splicing screen has the following technical characteristics:

  • High-order drive technology is applied to the display screen;
  • Linear gray level adjustment, small current ultra-high clear display;
  • Extreme low power consumption, real energy saving screen;
  • OE infinitely variable division, easy high refresh;
  • Programmable elimination, complete elimination of ghosts;
  • Automatic frame synchronization, more perfect display;
  • Naked eyes really 3D, do not need glasses;
  • The end of the high refresh era and the advent of the HD era.
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