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Building high end seamless joint ecological chain

ROHA - the Leader of Seamless Splicing Screen in China

As a high-tech enterprise guided by "Innovation Driven", Roha is the first display brand into the new era of seamless 0mm which has the patent and qualification of seamless splicing screen, as well as seamless splicing Core R&D technology. Roha devotes to continuously improving the industry level through taking the lead. Roha is not a follower of products and technology, but a pioneer of epoch-making products.

Roha focuses on providing customers with seamless high-quality LCD splicing screens and solutions and is dedicated to providing added value and experience to customers through technology, solutions, and after-sales innovation services.

Ice-Breaker: the breakthrough of seamless 0mm

In 2016, the born of the 4th generation "Bidirectional 0mm seamless LCD splicing screen" declared that new era of seamless LCD splicing screen is coming. The optical method is used to realize the visual blanking of the screen frame, which truly realized "seamless brimless"!

Roha, 0mm seamless LCD splicing screen is an excellent product with the high-quality optical panel, high-definition 1080P display, high transmittance, large viewing angle, an image without loss and full-screen full pixel display.

The road of Pilotage: strive for perfection and create a new world of visual effects

After achieving "seamless", Roha is advancing towards the goal of "humanization" and "refinement". "Superscreen" and "pure screen" series products have emerged as the times require.

On the basis of the excellent visual effects, the super screen has achieved the modular design in the controlled of product which applies the OPS-structure and the modular independence of control system and power supply system. So that the failure rate of the control module will greatly reduce. Moreover, it is more simple in the post-maintenance process and it also humanizes on the usage.

The pure screen is another breakthrough of a quality development of Roha. Seamless LCD screen's surface can be true flat and the degree of viewing has been greatly improved. "Flat" is become another bright card for Roha.

Roha always keeps the spirit of action and innovation, constantly outshining innovative ideas, improving technology and developing convincing products one by one.

Qualification, the passport of power and strength
Many of certification like, Energy Conservation certificate for National High-tech Enterprises, Seamless Splicing Screen Invention Patents, 3C Certificate, ROHS Environmental Certificate, CE-EMC, FCC and so on for Roha, are the witness of R&D and innovation capabilities, the exemplification of taking social responsibility and the certification of exerting in the Chinese market and the passport of going to the world.

As the old saying said, how happy we are to meet friends from afar! With full enthusiasm, on the coast of South China sea, the city of innovation, Roha welcome friends from all over the world to enjoy the outstanding visual effects.
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