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Seamless LCD Video Wall Maintenance - Chromatic Aberration

In the maintenance of seamless LCD video wall, chromatic aberration is a common problem that needs to be faced. The most common one is the color inconsistency between seamless LCD splicing screen units, which can be distinguished with the naked eye. How should the chromatic aberration be solved? ROHA’ s proposal is this:

First of all, we must understand the principle of the seamless video wall color: R, G, and B are the three basic colors of the seamless video wall. The light from the bulb is reflected back to the color wheel and refracts to create a seven-color color image that is displayed on a seamless LCD video wall. Therefore, the color balance circuit is designed in each rear projection unit to adjust the R, G and B color components of image output, so as to minimize chromatic aberration between units.

Therefore, under the strict quality management of the manufacturer and the careful adjustment of the installation personnel on the spot, chromatic aberration can be basically eliminated. But this does not exclude that during the operation of the seamless LCD splicing system, the parameters of the electronic and optical devices will generate the chromatic aberration under the influence of longtime use and working environment (such as temperature, humidity, external voltage, etc.); in addition, improper operation error or electrical shock will cause the storage of RCB parameters to be lost, which will result in the rebirth of the chromatic aberration. Therefore, in order to ensure the minimum chromatic aberration of the system, the regular adjustment is needed. End-users are generally incompetent. Experienced technical personnel should be dispatched by the supplier to the problem.
Chromatic aberration is a common problem in LCD splicing industry. On the one hand, we need to rely on the continuous progress of technology and the strict quality management of the manufacturers, and more importantly, the perfect after-sales service system of the suppliers is needed.
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