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Seamless LCD Walls

The video wall is one of a kind multi-monitor setup. And it always consists of many parts, such as computer monitors, video projectors, or TV units tiled together contiguously or overlapped in order to shape one giant screen. The typical show technologies are made by some LCD panels, direct View LED arrays, blended projection screens, laser phosphor displays, and rear projection cubes. But why the use of a video wall can as an alternative to a single giant display screen? The reasons are the capacity to customize tile layouts, higher display location per unit cost, and larger pixel density per unit cost, and the economics of manufacturing single screens which are uncommon in shape, size, or resolution. There are many sorts of video walls, and the seamless LCD wall is a very unique wall.

We can be considered seamless LCD walls as exhibitions and events all through the world. The gain of these near seamless screens is that they are made for single or a couple of panel use and they can be custom-made to fit any application in any form or size. Through regular applications, we can use the displays in 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 formats. If we have a unique application and then we can utilize the screens in single rows horizontally or vertically. We can efficaciously get a near seamless excessive decision LCD quality at any dimension to fit your precise application.

We can see that the seamless LCD walls are ideal for indoor applications, we always use it to make use of usual video partitions and provide a reasonably priced alternative to regular LED walls. The LG LCD wall has many benefits, it can prevent the shading. The LG LCD wall on its wall bracket has a total depth of only 140mm. For full important points and technical specs take a seem at the pdf.
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