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Several Important Parameters for Purchasing LCD

First of all, we bought security products, right? What is the most important thing for security? The definition of LCD spliced screen, that is, the physical resolution of the product.
At present, there are 1366*768 and 1920*1080 in the market, and 4K LCD splicing screen. The resolution of LCD mosaic screen is an important index related to image format. How wide the screen can be displayed depends entirely on the physical resolution. The higher the physical resolution, the clearer the picture quality will be.
In addition, it is reminded that if the high resolution signal is output on the low resolution panel, the display effect will be affected, and the phenomenon of picture missing and black edge may occur.

Secondly, the contrast of products can not be underestimated. It determines the brightness and color effect of liquid crystal display. The higher the contrast is, the more comprehensive and clear the colours are, and the colours are different and distinct. At present, the LCD splicing screen with a contrast of 3000:1 is already a high product, so the high contrast should not be too bad in product selection.
In addition, the input signal type is also one of the problems that have to be considered. The demand for security products in this area is more diversified, at least can not lag behind too many new technologies on the market. If the product budget is not strict, it is recommended to buy the latest. The external multi-screen splicing processor has all the signal input functions, while the built-in processor only has conventional signal interfaces, such as AV, VGA, HDMI, DVI, etc.
In choosing a business, we should pay attention to preventing cheating by fake and inferior products. Some inferior products only support one signal input function. So be sure to wipe your eyes and distinguish them carefully.

Finally, there are luminance and LCD splicing seams. Luminance is the key factor that determines the display brightness on the large LCD screen, which can be divided into two categories: high and low. For healthy use, we have to choose the brightness according to the environment. The naked eye's tolerance of brightness is limited, too high brightness will burn the eyes.
So if it is indoor, we would first recommend the use of low-light splicing screen, high-light, because the problem of poor light may lead to you can not see the content of the screen. And low brightness is certainly cheaper than high brightness, so if the indoor light is not too bright, decisively choose low brightness screen, cost-effective.
With the development of stitching technology, the stitching seam is becoming smaller and smaller, which is almost seamless. From a professional point of view, it is impossible to achieve seamless stitching, which is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the stitching screen, and may cause the squeeze between the screen and the screen. As long as a near seamless visual difference can be formed visually, it is progress.
At present, the smallest stitching seam on the market is 1.5mm, which hardly affects the continuity of the picture. For the monitoring screen, the smaller the screen is, the better it is, so as not to affect the viewing details.
Of course, in addition to the above important hardware parameters, the software parameters such as business brand, business qualification, product quality, after-sales service and so on need to be considered comprehensively.

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