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Smart City and Seamless Splicing Screen for Security

With the rapid development of China's economy, various kinds of information are also growing rapidly, and more and more information needs to be watched and monitored by various enterprises or units, which urgently requires the terminal display system to develop towards large-scale and high - definition. The large screen display system has the characteristics of large screen and high resolution. It can provide a large amount of information for users and is welcomed by many industries and departments such as radio and television, public security, transportation, etc. Seamless splicing curtain wall is widely used by radio and television as an important large screen display device, thus realizing the function of splicing television walls by multiple seamless display units to display a large screen.

Seamless splicing screen and security protection are always closely linked. Whether it is a monitoring platform or a display platform, large seamless splicing screen is one of the best media for centralized image display. It can not only combine images to manage all monitoring information centrally, but also disperse images to display all monitoring information separately. It is especially suitable for traffic monitoring and monitoring management of safety platforms, and adds a brick to a smart city.

Smart city is to use information and communication technology to sense, analyze and integrate various key information of the core system of city operation, so as to make intelligent response to various needs including people's livelihood, environmental protection, public safety, city service and industrial and commercial activities. Its essence is to use advanced information technology to realize the intelligent management and operation of the city, thus creating a better life for the people in the city and promoting the harmonious and sustainable growth of the city.

With the continuous development of human society, cities will carry more and more people in the future. At present, China is in a period of accelerated urbanization, and the problem of " urban diseases" in some areas is becoming increasingly serious. In order to solve the problem of urban development and realize the sustainable development of the city, building a smart city has become an irreversible historical trend of urban development in the world today. The construction of smart cities has been carried out in many areas at home and abroad and has achieved a series of achievements, such as smart Shanghai and smart Shuangliu in China. Foreign countries also have achievements such as Singapore's " Smart Country Plan" and South Korea's " U-City Plan" etc.
Seamless splicing screens play a great role in smart cities.

First of all, display platform with seamless splicing screen can make traffic flow less congested. Why do we say that? Because traffic monitoring platforms all adopt seamless splicing screens so as to better display urban traffic conditions and vehicle operation conditions, facilitate traffic management and handle traffic incidents, thus making public travel more convenient and safer.

Secondly, the seamless splicing screen is good for the protection of public safety. Monitors are usually installed in residential areas and streets in cities, on one hand, to protect citizens' travel safety, and on the other hand, to meet some unexpected situations or resolve disputes. And these monitoring images are often displayed on the large splicing screen in the monitoring room of the security department. The security department usually obtains monitoring information through large seamless splicing screen, thus ensuring the safety protection of all aspects of the city.

To sum up, the development of smart cities aims to facilitate the life of citizens and strengthen the management of cities. In this process, large seamless splicing of screen display plays a certain role. There is a certain factual basis for what filmmaking technology calls a seamless splicing screen that connects security in smart cities. In recent years, in addition to continuously improving its own technology and enhancing its own technology of building seamless large-screen displays, filmmaking technology is also constantly preparing to support the construction of smart cities with the best technology, contributing its own technological strength to build smart cities and smart lives.

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