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Technology of Seamless Vdeo Wall Splicing

With the continuous integration and development of the technology of LCD splicing such as 3.5mm seamless video wall splicing, the large screen image display has been widely used in the field of high-end large screen display system engineering. The large screen image display through multi-screen splicing has been widely used. Its super large screen, multi-screen display and clear and realistic display effect greatly improve the work efficiency of monitoring, security, conference, simulation and other fields, and promote the rapid progress of the technical level of these industries.

The so-called liquid crystal seamless splicing display technology is a kind of splice screen such as the 3.5mm seamless video wall splicing, which uses the specialized level ultra narrow edge LCD display unit splicing method, through the splicing control software system, to realize the large screen splicing display effect. LCD liquid crystal splicing is a new splicing technology in recent years. The full name of English is LiquidCrystalDisplay. The structure of the LCD is to place liquid crystals in two parallel glass, and there are many vertical and horizontal fine wires in the middle of the two glass. It is refracted to produce a picture. The LCD consists of two glass plates, about 1mm thick, separated evenly by 5 m of the liquid crystal. Because the liquid crystal material itself does not shine, there is a light tube as a light source on both sides of the display screen, and there is a backlight board (or a uniform plate) and a reflective film on the back of the LCD display. The backlight plate is a light emitting light made up of the fluorescent material, and its function is mainly to provide a uniform background light source. The light emitted by the backlight plate enters the liquid crystal layer containing thousands of liquid crystal drops after passing through the first layer of the polarization filter layer. Droplets in the liquid crystal layer are contained in tiny cell structures, and one or more cells make up a pixel on the screen. Between the glass plate and the liquid crystal material is a transparent electrode, the electrode is divided into rows and columns. In the crossing point of the row and column, the optical rotation state of the liquid crystal is changed by changing the voltage. The effect of the liquid crystal material is similar to that of small light valves. The periphery of the liquid crystal material is the control circuit part and the driving circuit part. When the electrode in the LCD produces an electric field, the liquid crystal molecules will produce a distortion, so that the light passing through it is refracted regularly, and then it is displayed on the screen through the filter of second layers of the filter layer.

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