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The Difference between LCD Display and LED Display; Which is Better?

LED backlight: power-saving (save 30%-50% more compared with CCFL), high price, high brilliance and saturation. 
CCFL backlight: consump more power compared with LED (much more power-saving than CRT), low price.
The difference in picture: LED backlight has brighter color with high saturation (the light source of CCFL is different from that of LED).
How to distinguish: LED TV is specially emphasized in LED backlight, otherwish it belongs to CCFL LCD TV.

There are real LED TV in the market (with active LED rather than backlight), both in SONY and Samsung. But the panel currently is below 11 inches with high price. For example, SONY's AMOLED TV of 11 inches charges about 18000 RMB, which belongs to high-end market, thus it is rarely seen in the market. Let us see the picture contrast between LCD and LED. The following are the displays of two notebooks: the left is the LCD with CCFL backlight, the right the LCD with LED backlight. The color contrasts in red, green and blue show as follows:

From the pictures, we can see that there is little difference in the color between LCD and LED under the naked eye. It is not necessary for you to buy LED just owing to its name, for it does not deserve the cost.

The difference between LCD display and LED display:

They are actually the same, both with liquid crystal. The main difference lies in that they have different types of backlight which lights the screen.

(1) General LCD adopts the light source of CCFL, namely Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (it looks like the scan tube in the copier). There is one tube on each side of the screen, and one backlight panel behind the display made up of fluorescent materials, which is aimed to spread the light from both sides uniformly across the back of the screen, thus the whole screen is uniformly light. But due to the technology restriction, the screen does not have a totally uniform brightness. It is hard to find that. The tube with certain lifespan will grow yellow after a long time.

(2) LED's light source comes from light-emitting diode (it looks like the red or blue indicator lamps on the household appliances). Such LED is power-saving. The diode, not tube, can be arranged and uniformly distributed behind the screen. The back light is thus more uniform with good brightness. Such displayer can be made thinner and more power-saving. Besides, LED can be used longer than CCFL with stable brightness, and it is not easy to grow yellow.

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