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The Functions of the Digital Wall Display

1. When no one clicks on the interaction, the pictures displayed on the digital wall display will trickle like running water. Adaptive arbitrary resolution will cover the whole screen, and the digital wall display pictures will randomly generate pictures of different sizes.
2. Someone interacts. When the image displayed on the digital wall display is touched, the touched image will be enlarged, and the surrounding image will be scattered. The enlarged image will stay for 10 seconds (configurable time). The enlarged image can display the company's products and related cases. The other squeezed images will continue to flow left along the edge of the enlarged image.
3. A variety of dynamic effects cool switch, not only support pictures, but also support video playback.
4. Supporting up to 300 pictures at the same time, circulating into the display ensures that each picture preview is large enough.
5. Contains image addition tools, you can configure the external configuration to add pictures.
6. Supporting multi-touch screen, multi-people can drag, slide, zoom in and zoom out at the same time, and the number of people interacting is unlimited.
7. It can support customized flipping effect or arbitrary effect of foreign videos.

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