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The Highest Level of Splicing LCD Large Screen - Seamless Splicing

What does 1.8-mm seam mean? It is already close to the resolution limit of human eyes to complex images or moving images at a viewing distance of 5 meters. It is smaller than the pixel spacing of digital cinema giant screens--4K IMAX in general cinemas, and is only slightly larger than the pixel spacing of 1080p laser home cinema televisions of 100 inches.

As we all know, liquid crystal splicing, despite its excellent single-screen display effect and flexible application, is limited by the imaging principle, and its problem of seam makes the overall picture feel worse. The obvious split feeling makes liquid crystal splicing difficult to meet the high-end application fields with extremely high requirements on the overall picture. In this field, it is still the world of old DLP and new small-pitch LED screens.

Promising prospect for security application 
In recent years, China's Safe Cities, Smart Cities and other projects have been launched continuously, which has driven the rapid development of the security industry, and security applications cannot be separated from the support of display monitoring equipment with large screen. However, monitoring centers often have very high requirements on the integrity of images on large monitoring screens due to their extremely important safety responsibilities, especially when displaying graphs such as routes, the splicing seams of liquid crystal splicing may interfere with the images. However, when liquid crystal splicing enters the era of micro - splicing, this influence can be almost ignored, especially in monitoring projects with a distance of more than 5 meters, the splicing seam of liquid crystal splicing is sufficient to meet the current display requirements, thus, the advantages of liquid crystal splicing, flexible installation and lower cost will be highlighted, thus entering the vision of project procurement personnel.

Studio Background Becomes New Favorite
The radio and television industry is a typical high-end field. Due to the pursuit of picture effects, TV stations often prefer DLP and small-pitch LED in the selection of studio background screens. However, the micro - splicing LCD improves the integrity of the captured images, paving the way for the application of LCD splicing in the broadcasting and television field which is mainly based on studios.

It can be said that in the past, liquid crystal splicing was confined to the problem of too wide splicing seams and was often used in fields where the requirement for integrity was not strict. However, 1.8-mm products made liquid crystal splicing remove the hat of the middle and low-end market and march into the whole industry of large screen display. Apart from the two representative industries of security protection and radio and television, the application prospect of micro-splicing LCD in the fields of virtual simulation, exhibition and information release is also promising.

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