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The Importance of Splicing Screen to Hotel Development

As a place for rest and eating and highly comprehensive service industry, hotel has been serving customers since its inception. In the 21st century that exacerbates competition, hotel service and quality of service directly affect the competitiveness of the facade. From the good quality of the staff, the sweet taste of the dishes, to the beauty of the equipment decoration.

For hotel guests, especially business guests, the requirements for video equipment representing the brand image and embodying advanced functions have become higher and higher, and products with large screens and high-definition have become popular video terminals. LCD splicing products have a high degree of chaos, no burning and necrosis, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year of continuous use for a long time without any impact on the projector's life and display. Based on the hardware of the FPGA array, The LCD splicing screen adopts parallel high-speed graphics processing technology, realizes the unified processing of multiple high-speed video signals, fundamentally replaces the card-type splicing controller, and solves the problem that the number of VGA signal inputs is limited. It combines the most outstanding high-definition, high-brightness and high-gamut liquid crystal display technology, embedded hardware splicing technology, multi-screen image processing technology, and signal switching technology to form a high-brightness, high-definition , Low power consumption, high life, advanced LCD splicing wall display system. LCD splicing curtain wall is a brand-new large-screen splicing method, which can be spliced indefinitely, which also caters to the public taste. A large number of projects have prompted 2*2, 2*3, 3*3, 3*4, 4*4 and other forms to come into being. There are also BSV LCD splicing triangles, circular installations and superimposed splicing. The most shocking thing is that every day we see a live TV broadcast, news broadcast can see more than 10*10 LCD video wall, a very wide range of applications.

The use of liquid crystal splicing screens at the entrance of the hotel is the most glamorous place in the city. It is a dazzling light of buildings and attracts the attention of all passers-by. The use of liquid crystal splicing screens in the lobby of the hotel makes the hall more fashionable and noble, which can bring more fun to the customers and the official information of the hotel, and it is even better for those new guests to add grace and color to the best way of interpreting classic luxury. Hotel private rooms use LCD splicing screens to make private rooms become VIP cinemas, bringing unique luxury to star customers. The use of LCD splicing screen in the hotel conference room can improve the conference room's intelligent functions, while features such as roaming and superimposition of the LCD splicing window can more easily manage the conference content, display the conference content, and have more convenience and high-definition than projectors and DLP screen. In recent years, LCD splicing screen has also greatly improved the display function of the hotel industry with its excellent picture quality and high degree of extensibility, and it has also been constantly relied on by the hotel industry.

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