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The Splice Gap Of The Seamless LCD Video Wall

The edge structure of the seamless LCD video wall greatly reduces the gap between the screens. It is only 3mm,  which makes the splice plasma will enter a new seamless field. The picture can be a broken image, but it will not give you the feeling of being cut.

The brightness and ultra wide screen of the seamless LCD video wall gives the audience a sense of putting oneself in the place. Its unique appearance and accessories show the aesthetic view of the current user at the highest level.

Seamless LCD video wall with PDP plasma provides a variety of display modes for large screen mosaic screens. With the use of complex remote controls, the signals of PC, DVD, DTV and S-Video can be easily displayed on the screen to any combination or displayed individually.

The seamless LCD video wall PDP plasma machine is 2m wide and 2m high, and the thickness of the body is only 0cm. Depending on how thin the body, it can be laid out in any place with ease. he PDP plasma has a 60-degree, ultra-wide view that allows you to see the bright, flowing images of various positions behind the screen. The seamless LCD video wall PDP plasma has a distinguishing rate of up to 706*960. The 3D digital comb filter filters out the effect of peristalsis and floating pixel points on the quality of the picture when displaying the high-discrimination picture.
seamless lcd video wall
The edge cutting, stitching and packaging skills of the seamless LCD video wall break the traditional ones, making the splice gap only 3mm. However, the traditional display facilities with the plasma display panel are separated from each screen by 80~ 100mm, so the images cannot be completely displayed.

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