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This Company made the Seamless Digital Signage Displays with the Smallest Edge in the World

Consumer upgrading is a big trend
In the eyes of the people outside the industry, the security industry is in a chaotic era, and it should be kept in a safe way instead of expanding in large numbers. But Wang Jiaqi told the author that Hikvision and Dahua are pushing step by step, guarding is unable to defend. The so-called "hold the Pacific" in essence is to wait for death. Roha screen wall has the smaller volume, which has the more rapid response to market demand. It meets customer expectations with more advanced products and better service for solving customer problems. Wang Jiaqi believes that successive price wars reduce the cost of customers, thereby promoting the upgrading of the consumption of end users. "We notice that many customers want to buy better products with the same money instead of buying bad products to save money." Previously, the width of the edge of the liquid crystal mosaic screen was more than 0.9mm. If used for stitching, the actual viewing gap will reach at least 3.5mm, which seriously affects the visual effect. In contrast, the products of Roha, that is "0.1 mm photoelectric seamless liquid crystal mosaic screen", is 0 millimeters, and only 0.1 millimeters after splicing. "Standing 2 meters away, the naked eye is unable to distinguish." Innovation is the only way

Since the beginning of 2015, Wang Jiaqi has been in search of talents and introduced 3 top engineers in the industry. After more than half a year's hard work, the margin of the splice screen is reduced to 0.1 millimeters. It is the background of the "0.1 millimeters photoelectric digital signage displays" before its birth.
What people outside the industry do not know is that in order to have these engineers, Wang Jiaqi not only gives competitive wages but also provides company equity. But Wang Jiaqi thinks everything is worth it. He said that in the current crisis, innovation is the only way. Next, Roha will also invest more in research and development to strive for better product performance and better quality. Besides, in the brand building and marketing strategy, Roha is also actively exploring. Wang Jiaqi revealed that after a while, Roha's brand value system, new media operation, and customer service will have a major breakthrough. (Shenzhen Roha Digital Technology Co., Ltd.)

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