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Traditional Video Walls

When the large indoor video walls appear, one technological know-how has dominated them all: LCD flat display panels. But that would additionally change. The lower priced fine-pitch direct-view LED screen shows according to the introduction of new, and the large LCD panels (above 100), and video partitions such as 0mm video wall may have met their successor. Let's take a appear at what is happening.

First, let's have a look at why the normal video panels, made up of various LCD panels which have thin bezels and frames, and have emerged as popular. They have been the lowest cost, reasonable-quality way to do video and data shows in massive sizes, it is the major simple purpose. People can see them as backgrounds in almost every newscast, in buying mall displays, and also can see them as command and control core dashboards, lecture halls, and even in some hotel lobbies. The LED panels are used by more modern video partitions, the light supply behind the LCD glass, so they are reasonably dependable and their bezel thickness or window frame just like an alternative thin thing.

Compared with the new kind of video walls, such as 0mm video wall, traditional video walls have some downsides. For example, the smaller video partitions which just like a 2x2 panel configuration, or 0mm video wall can be executed with a single, cost-effective LCD panel, it is necessary for each panel in the video wall to be calibrated and re-calibrated on an everyday basis to hold even brightness and coloration uniformity. And most standard video partitions are very directional, their color, distinction, and brightness fall off unless the people are at once in the front and middle of the display.

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