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Types of LCD Panels

Twisted Nematic (TN)

TN LCDs are most commonly manufactured and used among monitors in various industries. Gamers use them most commonly. That’s because they are not expensive, and they response faster than other types of display. The only defect of them lies in that they are of low quality, and the amount of contrast ratios, color reproduction, and viewing angles offered is limited. However, they meet the needs of everyday operations. 

IPS (In Plane Switching) Panel Technology

IPS displays are regarded as the best among LCD technologies, because they provide excellent viewing angles, image quality, and brightly-colored accuracy and contrast. Graphic designers use them most commonly. And they are used when the highest standards for image and color reproduction are required.

VA (Vertical Alignment) Panel

The technology of VA panels are between TN and IPS. Compared with TN panels, they have the features of better viewing angles and higher-quality color reproduction, but they tend to response far more slowly. However, they are still not comparable to IPS panels. That’s the reason for which they are cheaper and more appropriate for everyday operations.

AFFS (Advanced Fringe Field Switching)

AFFS LCDs performs better with various color reproduction compared with IPS panel technology. The applications are rather advanced. They can reduce color distortion, and meantime, the viewing angle will not be wide. It is commonly used in advanced and professional fields. For instance, it can be used in the cockpits of commercial airplanes.

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