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Video Conferencing is Changing Our Lives

On May 17 this year, it was the 50th telecom day. For the entire communications industry, World Telecommunication Day is the most important annual festival. We all know that before the telecommunications industry was born, people in ancient times could only rely on artificial "transmissions" to convey information, and later became a postal delivery. After the birth of the telegraph, people began to use telecommunication technology to transmit information, then BP pager (BB machine), and then there was a mobile phone. Since then, people have basically had a smart phone and can communicate anytime, anywhere.

Communication is so important - it opens up barriers to distance, so that information is not afraid of distant paths; enhances information delivery, allows ideas to be instantly fed back. Communication makes life better,  As an increasingly important network communication tool, video conferencing are widely used and are becoming an important part of active tools and applications in services such as education, finance, agriculture, and transportation for improving people's lives.

Video Conferencing + Government: In the early days of videoconferencing in China, the government was the largest and most important user of the videoconferencing market. Videoconferencing systems can be used by government agencies for meetings, training, and remote emergency command. Since the beginning of 2013, the government has strongly advocated the use of remote video conferencing by remote government meetings and remote trials.

Video conferencing + medical: In the field of video conferencing, telemedicine applications have always been the focus of manufacturers. For a long time, the promotion of telemedicine is based on the traditional way of promoting video conferencing. Nowadays, telemedicine is no longer a simple application of videoconferencing, but is an information-based medical model based on video communication technology. Its application is diversified. Therefore, videoconferencing manufacturers must provide a diversified solution.

Video Conferencing + Education: In recent years, under the promotion of relevant national policies, China's education informatization has made remarkable progress. In this process, videoconferencing is a typical informatization tool for cross-regional communication. With the attention of the education field, the use of video conferencing to achieve distance education can realize open courses for multi-level groups such as primary and secondary schools, universities, vocational education, and IT training. You can leave home to attend class.

Video Conferencing + Agriculture: With the popularization of broadband applications in China and the reduction in the cost of video conferencing applications, there has been a demand for video communications in the traditional agricultural market. For example, the Hainan Agricultural Technology “110” service system, which is set up by the Vision Network Video Conference System, can provide efficient technical support and services for more than 200 sites in Hainan Province, such as efficient remote consultation and answering, remote video diagnosis, and remote training of agricultural production technologies etc.

With the rapid development of science and technology, companies in various industries have begun to work hard on video conferencing systems in order to develop their own businesses, increase their work efficiency, and continue to grow their businesses. With the rapid development of remote audio and video services and mobile Internet, video conferencing is also covered from the traditionally fixed conference room to the mobile terminal. The portability, mobility, and low price of mobile phones and tablets make employees not only improve their work efficiency but also reduce their operating costs.

From the development of smart terminals, we can look into the development of communication technology in the past decade, and video conferencing is an example that can be referenced.
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