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Video Wall Controller

Video wall controller is a unique system. We can divide it into two kinds, the hardware-based controller and software-based PC and video-card controller.

Hardware-based controllers are electronic gadgets constructed for the specific purpose. They typically are constructed on an array of video processing chipsets and do no longer have a working system. The gain is excessive overall performance and reliability. The disadvantages of these controllers include excessive fee and the lack of flexibility.

Single enter a couple of outputs scaler is the easiest example controller of LCD video wall. It accepts one video enter and splits the photo into components corresponding to displays in the video wall.

1.7mm LCD video wall displays show also have a built-in controller. This matrix splitter lets into “stretch” the photo from a single video enter across all the shows inside the complete video wall. These types of shows generally have a loop-through output that permits installers to daisy-chain all displays and feed them with the identical input. It is a fairly simple technique to build a video wall. But it also has some disadvantages. For example, first of all, it is not possible to use the full pixel resolution of the video wall due to the fact the decision can't be bigger than the decision of the input signal. It is also no longer possible to show a couple of inputs at the same time.

Software-based PC and video-card controllers is a computer running an operating device in a PC or server equipped with extraordinary multiple-output graphic playing cards and optionally with video capture enter cards. These controllers of 1.7mm LCD video wall is regularly constructed on industrial-grade chassis due to the reliability requirements of control rooms and situational centers. Though this method is usually extra expensive, the advantage is that it can launch purposes like maps, VoIP client, SCADA clients, Digital Signage software program that can immediately make use of the full resolution of the 1.7mm LCD video wall. That is why software-based controllers are broadly used in manipulating rooms and high-end Digital Signage.

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